About Us

Our friendly, highly-experienced professionals blend fun and structure to take your child from where they are now in life, to where you want them to be.

Whether it’s teaching your child to speak clearly, to read, or to be able to answer questions, we individualise their therapy so that every child has the ability to achieve their potential. Every child can learn to believe they can do it!

Meet our team:

Adele Jane

Adele Jane

Speech Pathologist, BSc (Speech Pathology), (Hons)

Adele has worked extensively with children, teens and adults who had difficulty with their speech, auditory processing, language development, learning, general communication, reading or writing.

This includes working with executive function skills, including working memory and attention. These skills help us function in daily life, including being able to read and write effectively and develop thinking skills. Her practice spans private practice, hospitals, mental health clinics, nursing homes, and education and includes swallowing management.

Adele is a respected presenter at seminars and workshops, a published author of peer reviewed journal articles and other publications, and is the founder of the Accelerated Literacy program. She is a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Kerianne Druker

Kerianne Druker

Speech Pathologist, BSc (Speech Pathology), (Hons), PhD Student

Kerianne trained at Curtin University completing a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with first class Honours. Over the course of her degree, Kerianne received multiple academic awards including an award for her Honours research project. Kerianne values innovation and development in the field of Speech Pathology and is currently completing a PhD doctoral research program. She is also a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia.

​Kerianne is skilled in management of childhood stuttering, preschool speech and language development, and the role of executive functioning in language and literacy development.
She is trained in the Hanen program, a hands-on parent focused training program for young children with late language development, and PROMPT. She works with children and their families to improve their communication and functioning in daily life.