Speech Therapy for Children & Adults

Located in Osborne Park, our experienced Speech Pathologists provide expert treatment to children and adults from all over Perth.


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How  Can a Speech Therapist Help?

 Our highly-trained, experienced Speech Pathologists provide treatment for a wide range of speech and hearing disorders. Some of the most common issues we treat are:

Auditory Processing

Children who don’t listen.

Does your child forget what they’ve been told, not follow instructions and daydream or talk when they should be listening? Can they often not remember the days of the week or their address?

Children can have normal hearing but not process sound well in their brain. We help develop neural pathways to locate sound, tune in, cope with background noise, and remember what they heard.

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Executive Functioning

Children with poor attention.

Does your child get easily distracted, need to be told what to do in single steps (and reminded), forget and lose things, need help to get started and not explain what they are talking about?

Executive functions are higher order thinking skills. We can improve your child’s working memory, processing speed, impulse control and other executive functions to improve their learning, literacy & relationships

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Late Talkers

Have you noticed your child does not talk as well or as clearly as other children?

Research shows that children who talk late are at high risk for learning difficulties including literacy. They can then become frustrated if they can’t communicate well.

We’ll show you how to bring on their speech and language, and give you strategies to use in your daily life to develop your child’s communication and have them speaking confidently.

There are many reasons for speech delay or poor speech sounds so it’s important to find out why earlier than later.

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Does your child repeat or get stuck with their words?

Stuttering refers to “overloading” the speech muscles, resulting in repitition of words, parts of words and sounds, prolonged sounds and stuck/blocked sounds. 

Children who stutter struggle to get their messages across, which is frustrating. If it isn’t addressed as early as possible it can affect their confidence and ability to develop relationships.

We provide simple, effective stuttering treatment. Keriane Druker – one of our speech pathologists – specialises in the treatment of pre-school stuttering disorders and is completing

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Is your child struggling with reading, writing or spelling, or getting their thoughts down onto paper?

We can identify where the breakdown is occurring and develop the underlying neurological processes that are needed for efficient literacy – so that your child can read for please and purpose and put organised thoughts into writing.

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Is your child hard to understand? Do they have lots to say but get frustrated when others don’t understand? Children with articulation problems often substitute some sounds for other sounds and can’t product some speech sounds.

We help children with phonological or articulation disorders  becomes as intelligible as other children their age.

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